Posted on Aug 5, 2020

RedCap Finance Brokers

BAD CREDIT - Discharged from bankruptcy and want a home loan?

RedCap Finance Brokers Can Provide Hope!

Recovering from bankruptcy can be a long and difficult process. Even when you’ve been discharged or completed a debt agreement, some lenders will automatically decline your application for a home loan because of the adverse credit history.

RedCap Finance Brokers, have lenders who believe a past bankruptcy shouldn’t mean failure to achieve your goal of owning your own home, so they have designed home loan products specifically to help.

If you’ve been officially discharged from bankruptcy or entered a debt agreement, there are some solutions available today that might suit you – make an appointment today to find out!

Whatever your case looks like, you begin your journey by talking to RedCap Finance Brokers.

The more we learn about you, the better we can help. We’d like to know what you need, understand how the credit issues came about and what’s happened since. This means you’re now in a better position to consider taking on a mortgage.

Talk to us today about how we may be able to help if (and when) the major banks say ‘no’ to your loan application. Call Allan on 0418 66 11 25 to book an appointment.

Good News, it takes about 2 minutes with your assistance to determine if you may be eligible to apply for a home loan.

Contact us today and find out for sure!

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