Posted on Jun 3, 2019

RedCap Finance Brokers

Home Loans of All Types For All Kinds of People!

A home loan deal that saves your neighbour money might not be the most appropriate deal for you.

Our Lending specialist will identify your specific borrowing requirements, then use our Finance software platform to compare hundreds of home loans against those requirements. A 10 minute phone call with our Lending specialists could save you thousands of $$ in the long run.

From the moment you contact us, your Lending specialist will walk you through the entire home loan process, from inquiry to application to settlement and beyond. They’ll also show you where to sign and explain exactly what you’re signing.

When you work out which is the best loan for you, all you need then is to find the right bank or Lender which has the best interest rate, lowest fees, convenient locations with perhaps internet access! The list goes on, but that is where EZ Finance can help you through the maze.

Under the new NCCP act any loan that is predominately used for residential or personal use will be assessed as a coded loan. This applies to investment and owner occupied properties.

The EXCEPTION to this rule is if the borrower is a Company / Trust

Essentially, what this means is that in all cases the Bank/funder and our Lending specialist will now be required by law, to be comfortable, that the borrower can service any debt applied for.

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